Amongst the winners in "Texas Instruments Innovation Challenge 2015: Europe"

2015-12-09 09:30

A student team from KTU Biomedical Engineering Institute is amongst the winners in "Texas Instruments Innovation Challenge 2015: Europe".

In the end of September "Texas Instruments Innovation Challenge 2015: Europe" announced its first round winners and student team from Kaunas University of Technology (KTU) Biomedical Engineering Institute (BII) is amongst these winners.
Texas Instruments Innovation Challenge (TIIC) is a student contest of electronic design projects across all Europe. Teams of four students choose their own problem and try to solve it using concepts of analog and digital electronics. The final result which is judged - the project report. Physical implementation of the system is not neccesary, however, beneficial. The organizer of this contest - one of the largest electronic components manufacturer "Texas Instruments" - strongly encourages the implementation by the donation of 100 dol. worth development tools as well as necessary electronic components.
The team from KTU BII participates in this contest four years in a row and all these years ends up amongst the best 20 teams in Europe. These 20 teams are the first round winners that receive a prize of 1000 dol. This year KTU BII team consisted of:
Marius Gailius (senior technician, master student),
Justinas Gasparovičius (senior technician, master student),
Dainius Stankevičius (project engineer, master student),
Andrius Sološenko (project researcher, PhD student),
and was lead by prof. Vaidotas Marozas.
participated with project titled "System for Analysis of Closed Kinetic Chain Exercises Using Suspension Training Equipment". The team thanks the lector of Lithuanian University of Health Sciences (LSMU) Sports institute Vidmantas Zaveckas, which proposed the topic and adviced the team during the project.
Two other teams from KTU ended up amongst the first round winners this year. All winners and other relevant information can be found at:
Finally, the jury picked four main winners from the twenty first round winners. They then go to a dedicated event in Germany to present their projects and are also awared by even larger cash prizes. Unfortunatelly, KTU BII team did not end up amogst the main winners.