Italian Biotech Enterprise Chose Kaunas

2017-05-03 09:30

Earlier this year, Italian high technology enterprise Gruppo FOS Lithuania has opened its headquarters in Kaunas Science and Technology Park at Kaunas University of Technology (KTU) Santaka Valley. The main reason for Gruppo FOS coming to Lithuania was collaboration with KTU and Lithuanian University of Health Sciences in creating biomedical electronic post-stroke monitoring systems.

Gruppo FOS, an Italian company working in information technology, electronics and technology transfer has been collaborating with Italian and Swiss research institutions, working in jointly established scientific research laboratories.

Rosita Makauskienė, the director of Gruppo FOS Lithuania says that the enterprise found perfect conditions for their biomedical engineering centre at KTU Santaka Valley. They were particularly impressed by the highly developed logistics and direct connections with biomedical engineering scientists and students, and the modern research infrastructure.

Together with KTU Biomedical Engineering Institute and the team of neurologists from Lithuanian university of Health Sciences the enterprise has started to implement a joint project: the electronic system for post-stroke monitoring is being developed.

The project is being funded by the EU funding instrument Smart Invest LT+. It was selected for funding (500 thousand Euros) from 17 applications submitted.