KTU invites entrepreneurs and businessmen to employ the technological solutions of our researchers and services provided by our accredited laboratories.

We hope that more lucrative business partnership opportunities will arise once the National Open Access Research and Development Centre will open in Santaka valley, situated in our University campus.


Research & Development Services

KTU is the leader of implementing various technological innovations in Lithuania. Our researchers may offer you a wide variety of technological solutions and services in chemical technology, environmental protection, IT, medical, defence, design, sound and visual technologies, also in mechatronics, metrology, measurement, civil engineering and other fields.


Mindaugas Bulota │ Head of National Innovation and Business Centre

K. Baršausko street 59-A444, Kaunas
+370 650 23867


Career and Education Centre

Our mission is to help students and alumni to find out their favourite activities, plan long-term life and career achievements and integrate into the labour market.

KTU Career and Education Centre
Studentų st. 67, rooms 204 & 205
LT-51392, Kaunas
tel. +370 37 321 330, +370 686 19 341

Main areas of activities

We provide professional career consultations, career trainings, workshops and career assessment services. We announce information about possibilities of practice and internship in enterprises, coordinate international internship programme “Experience Partners” and IAESTE internship programme for the following groups:

  1. students of all cycles
  2. foreign students
  3. students with disabilities
  4. students raising children
  5. alumni (2 years after graduation)

Business Council


KTU Business Council is an advisory body to the rector established with a purpose of strengthening University‘s relations with the corporate sector and providing advice and guidance on other key strategic issues.

The Business Council is composed of national prominent business leaders, interested in academic issues and able to contribute to University‘s and business relationship building with their knowledge and experience. The composition of the Business Council and the number of its members are determined by the rector‘s order. The Business Council operates under procedures approved by the rector.

Currently, the Business Council includes 19 members.



  1. Algimantas AKSTINAS, Director General of Lithuanian Business Confederation
  2. Tomas ANDRIEJAUSKAS, Director of ProBioSanus, UAB
  3. Robertas DARGIS, CEO of Eika, UAB
  4. Giedrius DZEKUNSKAS, Head of Barclays IT centre in Lithuania at Barclays
  5. Vytautas JOKUŽIS, CEO of Elinta, UAB
  6. Vladas LAŠAS, CEO of UPS Skubios siuntos, UAB
  7. Eglė RADZEVIČIENĖ, Director of Intelectual Property Division at Thermo Fisher Scientific Baltics
  8. Tomas MILAKNIS, CEO of Alna Group, UAB
  9. Dalius MISIŪNAS, Chairman of the Board and CEO at Lietuvos Energija, UAB
  10. Raimundas PETRAUSKAS, CEO Schmitz Cargobull Baltic
  11. Gediminas RAINYS, Vice-President of Lithuanian Confederation of Industrialists
  12. Arvydas STRUMSKIS, Fund manager at Business Angels Fund and Co-Owner at Strata, UAB
  13. Arnoldas ŠILEIKA, General Manager of Western Shipyard BLRT group, AB
  14. Kęstutis ŠLIUŽAS, CEO TEO LT, AB
  15. Rimas VAITKUS, CEO at Vilniaus baldai, AB
  16. Antanas ZABULIS, Chairman of the Board of Baltic Institute of Corporate Governance
  17. Aida ZIGMANTAVIČIENĖ, General Manager of Trelleborg Engineered Systems Lithuania, UAB
  18. Bejaminas ŽEMAITIS, President of Kaunas Chamber of Commerce Industry and Crafts
  19. Gintaras VILDA, Director of Engineering Industries Association of Lithuania LINPRA.


  • Serve as advisors in identifying the strategic objectives of the University,
  • Provide consultations on strategic issues related to studies: quality of studies, placements and qualification requirements for students,
  • Provide consultations on research and experimental, social, cultural development (R&D) strategy: business-relevant R&D directions, quality and commercialization of R&D results,
  • Provide advice and insights on enhancement of University‘s cooperation with the corporate sector,
  • Act as external ambassadors to promote and raise the profile of the University.


KTU Partnership Development Office