Businesses Value Economics Studies at KTU

2017-06-06 16:15

Agency Invest Lithuania together with Investors’ Forum have started the initiative of evaluating study programmes of Lithuanian higher education institutions: Investors’ Spotlight quality mark was awarded to these programmes, which best matched business expectations. Kaunas University of Technology bachelor’s study programme of Economics was one of the five programmes awarded.

The special quality mark Investors’ Spotlight was created in order to contribute to solving the issue of utmost importance to investors, i.e. shortage of skilled professionals in the market.

“According to business, KTU Economics study programme provides students with adequate professional competencies. The structure and modules of the programme has been assessed as balanced and providing sufficient economic knowledge and skills. There were 60 programmes evaluated in the project; it is great honour to be among the five, which have been labelled as the most compatible with investors’ requirements”, says Vaida Pilinkienė, Professor at KTU School of Economics and Business.

According to her, economics studies at KTU have been popular year after year. Moreover, in 2016 the admission to economics at KTU increased. This fact identifies the potential of these studies and the need of the graduates in the market.

“I often ask students, what was their motivation behind choosing economics. They usually say that they want to understand how economic system works, to obtain skills enabling to recognise the economical processes in the level of organisations, countries or on global level. In master’s study level students choose more defined fields of interest”, says Professor Pilinkienė.

According to the study by KTU’s Career and Development Centre, almost 80 percent of KTU economics study programme graduates are working within a year after graduation.

The programmes, which were awarded the Investors’ Spotlight quality mark were selected by such international companies, functioning in Lithuania, as Festo, Western Union, Swedbank, Callcredit Operations and others.