Researcher from Latvia on Visit to KTU: It Has Been a Very Productive Time

2017-02-03 18:45

Last semester, Dzintra Atstaja, Professor at the Department of Entrepreneurship and IT and the Leading Researcher at BA School of Business and Finance (Latvia) was delivering lectures and undertook research at Kaunas University of Technology (KTU). 

Professors Dzintra Atstaja and Gražina Startienė

“I have had long lasting and successful cooperation with KTU since 1999”, said Professor Atstaja after the visit. She explained that during years she has participated in numerous conferences and had started collaboration on several projects.

While working here, Professor Astaja enjoyed support and responsiveness of KTU colleagues, and especially, for the help and support of Professor Gražina Startienė, Head of the Department of Economics.

During the visit, professor from the leading Latvian business school has delivered a series of lectures to KTU students. While having had the possibility to work in different KTU classrooms, the business professor from Latvia was impressed by the various teaching equipment and environments.

“There was a great interest and notable responsiveness from students – it was very easy to involve them to participate. Students were very open to discussions; they express their views freely. I was especially impressed by Master’s students, as they were well equipped with background knowledge”, said Astaja.

The professor was impressed by ERASMUS students’ courteousness and openness to discussions: “They were so generous with compliments!”

According to Atstaja, the long and rich KTU history (the University was founded in 1922) provides the teaching exceptional quality both in faculties and in science – the University gathers high potential and capacity to implement many projects and initiatives. However, she believes that her home university, being a much younger one might be a little more flexible and business-friendly.

Professor Atstaja’s visit to the KTU was funded by Lithuanian State Scholarship. The proposed field of research was Economics and Sustainable Development at Baltic Sea Countries.