Saturday, November 18, 2017 - 18:00
Kaunas National Drama Theatre (Laisvės Avenue 71)

Hamlet, directed by Vidas Bareikis, is one of the most famous productions of the National Kaunas Drama Theatre. Hamlet’s personality in this play is neither that of a romantic hero nor of an idealist – he is just a man looking for the truth. His feelings are real, ranging from love and hectic revenge to mourning, rage and desperation. All the emotions create a real human being with all possible colours and shades. Perhaps that is the reason why the play is so relevant after hundreds of years. The play will be translated into English. For more information, please click here. Tickets here.

Vidas Bareikis is an actor, a director and a musician. He was born on 21 March, 1986 in Vilnius. In 2009 Bareikis graduated from the  Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre (tutored by Gintaras Varnas). In 2013 he obtained degree in the theatre directing in V. Meyerhold’s Theatre Institute, Moscow. During the studies in Moscow he started a solo music career. In 2007 Bareikis and Ainis Storpirštis were leading the alternative music bands Suicide DJs and Strongly Differently (Lithuanian: Stipriai Kitaip). In 2009 Bareikis established a movement ‘No Theatre’. He is a participant and a winner of various international and national contests.

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