Additional studies – the payable studies of first cycle (Bachelor degree) study subjects, which are necessary to provide student with sufficient amount of knowledge and skills, necessary for successful Master degree studies.
Additional studies are designed for the candidates to the Master studies, who are graduates of:
college studies in the same study field they want to study;
university studies in another study field.
Graduates of college usually need to study the subjects of basic knowledge of study field, while university graduates need to study subjects of special education.
Scope of additional studies for the persons, who have Bachelor degree, cannot exceed 60 credits and for the persons, who have a professional Bachelor degree – cannot exceed 120 credits.
Usual duration of studies – 1-2 years.
Certificate of graduation of studies is issued to the graduates.

Programmes of additional studies
KTU Faculty of Chemical Technology offers the following programme of additional studies for the graduates of college studies in the same study field they want to study. Description of the programmes of additional studies is provided with admission conditions and other relevant information.
Chemical Technology
Food Technology
Food Technology
Phone (+370 37) 300150,
Abbreviation: K – for the graduates of college studies in the same study field they want to study.
Training course "FOOD TECHNOLOGIES"
Food Technology – application of the knowledge of food science for selection, preservation, processing, packing, distribution and consumption of safe, nutritious and wholesome food. Studies of food technologies provides knowledge of the nature of food, its composition, processing principles and ways of food improvement, which are relevant for production of food products and their provision to the consumers.
This training course is designed for the persons, who are exposed to food production, processing, distribution and consumption in their professional activities, but lack education in the area of food science and technologies.
Objective of the course – teaching of specialists, providing basic knowledge of food technologies, based on the knowledge of food chemistry, food microbiology, nutrition and toxicology. Graduates of the programme will be able to apply their knowledge and skills in their professional activities, solving tasks of food technologies, integrate the acquired knowledge of food technologies with knowledge of business and management, and are competent partners in joint projects with specialists of other areas.
Composition of the course:
  • Food chemistry and analysis
  • Food microbiology
  • Nutrition and toxicology
  • Food quality and protection
  • Alternative food technologies:
  • Fish technology
  • Meat technology
  • Fermentation technology
  • Grain processing, bread and confectionary technologies
  • Catering products technology
Requirements for the students: at least 3 years of professional activities related to food production, processing, distribution and consumption and/or higher education.
Scope of the course – 60 credits.
Minimum group of students – 5 persons.
Regarding admission, apply directly to Department of Food Science and Technology or Study Programmes Office at KTU Department of Academic Affairs. Legal persons, willing to improve or change qualification of their employees, can also apply.
Persons, who complete the course, are issued a certificate of determined form.
KTU  Department of Food Science and Technology
Milda Keršienė
Tel. (8 37) 30 01 88

Studies at the faculty

There are three cycles of studies at the Faculty of Chemical Technology:
First cycle studies – undergraduate or Bachelor degree studies;
Second cycle studies – Master degree studies;
Third cycle studies – Doctoral studies.
Faculty offers its students 5 study programmes of first cycle (Bachelor degree) and 7 programmes of second cycle (Master degree), as well as Doctoral studies of two scientific fields.
Bachelor degree study programmes:
Master degree study programmes: