Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture

Established at the University of Lithuania in 1940. Faculty consists of 5 departments; fields of their studies and research are oriented towards building constructions, technologies, materials, engineering systems, architecture and urban development. We are glad to work with good specialists of their area and actively cooperate with largest Lithuanian construction companies (YIT Kausta, STATICUS, Autokausta, Litana, and others), incorporating their practical experience into study process and providing students with possibilities of internships and placements.

Studentų st. 48, 51367 Kaunas
Phone (8 37) 30 04 50, 30 04 51

About Faculty

Faculty is proud of its rich and interesting history, celebrated figures of art and science (for example, artists prof. A. Žmuidzinavičius, assoc. prof. K. Šimonis, scientists – academic prof. S. Kolupaila, prof. P. Jodelė and others), who worked at the faculty.
Faculty was established in 1940. Previously, Office of Civil Engineering of Technical Faculty, worked since 1922. Recently, good specialists of architecture, engineering systems of buildings and civil engineering work at the faculty.Study fields:

  • Architecture
  • Civil Engineering
  • Building Technologies
  • Heritage Protection
Most active students with best performance in a study process are able to get Grats' scholarships
  • Honote doctor of KTU engineer Friedrich Marcs
  • UAB COWI Lietuva
  • AB YIT Kausta
  • AB Autokausta
We colaborate with theese associations and companies
  • Lietuvos statybininkų asociacija (LSA);
  • Lietuvos statybos industrijos asociacija (LSIA);
  • Lietuvos statybos inžinierių sąjunga;
  • Lietuvos nekilnojamojo turto plėtros asociacija;
  • Lietuvos architektų sąjunga;
  • Lietuvos šilumos tiekėjų asociacija;
  • Lietuvos medžiagų tyrinėtojų asociacija;
  • Statybų produktų bandymų laboratorijų asociacija;
  • LR Aplinkos ministerija;
  • LR Kultūros ministerija;
  • AB YIT Kausta;
  • UAB Skirnuva;
  • UAB Peri;
  • UAB Ryterna;
  • UAB Saint Saint-Gobain statybos gaminiai;
  • UAB Drūtsraigtis;
  • UAB Knauf;
  • UAB Kaduva;
  • UAB Novameta;
  • UAB Enso projects;
  • UAB Baltic Engineers.
We are sponsored by
  • UAB Kauno dujotiekio statyba;
  • AB YIT Kausta;
  • UAB Skirnuva;
  • UAB Saint Saint-Gobain statybos gaminiai;
  • UAB Drūtsraigtis;
  • UAB Knauf;
  • UAB Markučiai;
  • UAB Dauda;
  • UAB Cowi Lietuva;
  • UAB Kelprojektas;
  • UAB Mažeikių varduva;
  • UAB Dzūkijos statyba;
  • AB Panevėžio statybos trestas;
  • UAB Peikko Lietuva;
  • UAB Perdanga;
  • UAB Kortas;
  • UAB Egsta;
  • UAB Lindab;
  • UAB Mitnija;
  • UAB Betono centras;
  • UAB Kauno šilas;
  • UAB Peri;
  • UAB Statybų ekonominiai skaičiavimai;
  • UAB Terma;
  • Lietuvos statybos inžinierių sąjungos Kauno apskrities bendrija.

Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture
Studentų st. 48, LT-51367 Kaunas
Phone (8 37) 30 04 50, 30 04 51
E-mail saf@ktu.lt