Research fields

Faculty develops research of technologies and humanities, performs research services for industries. Research is performed by approximately 100 academic staff and researchers.

Fields of the faculty's scientific work are related to the fields of the University's research:  

  • New high technology materials.
  • Technologies for sustainable development and energy.
  • Sustainable growth and sustainable sociocultural development.  

Effective construction materials, constructions and technologies:

1. Theory of continuous concrete pour technology for complex and solid monolithic structures;
2. Research of efficiency of construction investment projects;
3. Research of silicate finishing agents for facades of buildings;
4. Research of relevant technological, organizational and economic processes of construction oriented towards efficient performance of construction works;
5. Research of quality of covering concrete surface;
6. Research of air distribution methods and efficiency of ventilation systems;
7. Research of level of tightness of building partitions applying method of differential pressure;
8. Research of wind energy transformation to thermal energy for heating of the building. 

Lithuanian landscaping:
1. Research of aesthetic, sociocultural and ecological potential of landscape and its components;
2. Research and modelling of patterns of townscape development;
3. Dendrological and landscape research of green areas;
4. Solutions for volume form in specific space.
Development and research of high tech materials:
1. Synthesis of zeolites and their use in cement systems;
2. Research of technologies and raw material of high-strength concrete;
3. Research of self-compacting concrete;
4. Research of physical characteristics of finishing agents of external thermal insulation systems with rendering.
Strength and durability of materials and structures:
1. Dynamic research of structures;
2. Research of strength and deformability of building structures;
3. Research of dynamics of interaction between structures and impact loads;
4. Effect of vibrations of elastic steel plate and condensable viscous liquid;
5. Analysis of stability issues of cyclic load under impact of slope and formulation of research tasks;
6. Research of water filtration through concrete structures on clay surface.
Development of metrology and measurement technologies:
1. Study of digital levelling methodology options in geoengineering research;
2. Research of kinetic energy and regulation of depth of river flow.

Priority fields of development:  
New high tech materials
Smart environments and information technologies
Technologies for sustainable development and energy
Diagnostic and measurement technologies
Sustainable growth and sustainable social development


Research fields of Departments


Services for business

Increase of cooperation is one of the most effective ways to strengthen integration of science and business. We invite to use technological solutions, created by our scientists, database of our best graduates, other provided services and offers.

Reservation of equipment and orders for services can be provided via KTU Open Access Centre

The main services for business, provided by the faculty:

  • Peer review of technical condition of constructions.
  • Development of concrete for particular use, modelling of structure and research
  • Accelerated/Non-accelerated measurement of alkaline corrosion in concrete
  • Detection of hidden defects in building structures (for example, wooden carcase under plaster and thermal insulation of frame houses)
  • Development and research of high-strength concrete
  • Research of non-autoclaved aerated concrete
  • Development) and research of geopolymer concrete
  • Research of synthesis of zeolites and their use in cement systems
  • Research of continuous concrete pour technology for complex and solid monolith structures
  • Research of construction of monolith reinforced concrete structures using climbing formwork
  • Assessment of technologies for installation of monolith concrete floor and its surfaces
  • Research of quality of finishing agents of various buildings and other building materials
  • Research of relevant technological, organizational and economic processes of construction oriented towards efficient performance of construction works
  • Preparation of expertise of building price (estimate calculations), organization and technological projects
  • Introduction of innovative technological and organizational solutions in construction processes
  • Research of quality and defects of concrete finishing surface of monolith structures
  • Research of energy efficiency in buildings
  • Assessment of stability of hydrotechnical structures on clay surface
  • Assessment of stability of clay hillsides
  • Thermovisual research of buildings and engineering systems
  • Research of effectiveness of heating and ventilation systems
  • Development and research of new heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems, and technologies for their management
  • Calculation and designing of building structures. Analysis of strength and deformability of supporting building structures. Research of strengthening of supporting structures
  • Research and tests of mechanical characteristics of building structures
  • Dynamics of building structures and their systems. Research and analysis of dynamic issues of systems of building structures exposed to various impacts, identification of their conditions, assessment and forecasting
  • Research of fillers
  • Research of mortar
  • Research of concrete and its products
  • Research of masonry products
  • Research of paints
  • Research of timber
  • Research of influence of chemical and mineral additives to characteristics of cement products, research of utilisation of local industrial waste in cement systems
  • Development of composition for new generation concrete mixtures
  • Development and research of concrete for special use
  • Peer review of defects in structures and construction products. Research of quality of building materials
  • Introduction of innovative concrete mixtures in construction, development and studies of new building products, using local secondary raw materials
  • Analysis of space syntax of urbanized territories
  • Fractal analysis of urban structures
  • Development of composition for new generation concrete mixtures
  • Development and research of concrete for special use
  • Analysis and designing of buildings and territories according to CPTED
  • Criminal investigations and prevention via urban planning and design
  • Digital modelling of energy efficiency in building and its elements
  • Assessment of primer's load bearing strength
  • Modelling and assessment of interaction of foundation and primer
  • Modelling and assessment of interaction of supporting structures and primer
  • Research and peer review of real estate of objects and territories of cultural heritage
  • Research and peer review of architecture and urban heritage


Number of Agreement, Name
Responsible unit, partners
Short description


Management of air quality in low-energy buildings (IAQSmart)

D. Martuzevičius (Faculty of Chemical Technology)       KTU Departments of Environmental technologies, Building energy systems, Computer sciences 01 10 2012 - 30 09 2015 More info
Update of first cycle study programmes "Engineering Systems of Buildings", "Civil Engineering" and "Architecture"
R. Apanavičienė
Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture,
Union of Lithuanian Architects
01 04 2010 –
31 03 2012
Increase of integrity of science, business and studies of transport and civil engineering (TRANCIV
Leader representing KTU - G. Stelmokaitis
Vilnius Gediminas Technical University
Partner - KTU Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture
26 10 2010-26 10 2013
Project name Period Project leaders About
CA COST Action CA15109 "European Cooperation for Statistics of Network Data Science (COSTNET)" 2015-2020 Assoc. Prof.. dr. Irina Matijošaitienė (KTU SAF), dr. Inga Stankevičė (KTU EVF) More info
COST TD1406 Innovation in Intelligent Management of Heritage Buildings 2015 – 2019 

Assoc. Prof. Dr. A.Jurelionis, Assoc. Prof. Dr. L.Šeduikytė

More info
COST TU1301 NORM for Building materials   2013 – 2017 

Prof. Dr. D. Vaičiukynienė,

Assoc. Prof. Dr. R.Bistrickaitė   

More info

FP7-PEOPLE POLARIS „Cultural and Natural Heritage in Arctic and Sub-Antarctic Regions for a Cross-Cultural and Sustainable Valorization Process and Tourism Development“. 

2013 - 2017

Versailles Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines Universitetas  Lapland University

 Kaunas University of Technology
More info
COST TU1203 Crime Prevention through Urban Design and Planning 2012 -2016 m.
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Irina
Matijošaitienė (KTU),
Vilius Velička (Mykolas Romeris University),
Dr. Inga Stankevičė (KTU)
More info
Concepts of Roadside Infrastructure and Rest Areas
2012-2013 m.
Prof.Dr. Kęstutis Zaleckis, Dr. Irina Matijošaitienė,
Prof. dr. Jūratė Kamičaitytė-Virbašienė
More info
Smart Energy Regions
2012–2016 m.
Assoc. Prof..Dr. L.Šeduikytė,
Assoc. Prof..Dr. A.Jurelionis
More info
EC Life+ program
Improving Energy Efficiency of Housing Stock: Impacts on Indoor Environmental Quality and Public Health in Europe(INSULATE)
2010-2015 m.
Leader Assoc. Prof. Dr. D. Martuzevičius, Department of Ecological Engineering ,
Assoc. Prof. Dr. L.Šeduikytė
More info
Integrated Assessment Technologies to Support the Sustainable Development of Urban Areas
2009–2013 m. Prof. Dr. K.Zaleckis More info
Improving the quality of suburban building stock
2008–2012 m.
Assoc. Prof. Dr. L.Šeduikytė,
Assoc. Prof. Dr. A.Jurelionis
More info
Land Management for Urban Dynamics
2006–2011 m.
Prof.Dr. K.Zaleckis,
Assoc. Prof..Dr. L.Šeduikytė
More info

Scientific journals

Journal of Sustainable Architecture and Civil Engineering is published at the faculty since 2012.





International Conferences

Advanced Construction 

1st  - 13-14 November 2008


2nd - 11-12 November 2010


3rd - 18-19 October 2012


4th - 9-10 October 2014

Ecological architecture

1st  - 13-14 October 2011


2nd - 24-25 October 2013

3rd - 22-23 October 2015

National Conferences

Engineering and Computer Graphics

25 May 2006


07 June 2007


28 May 2009


03 June 2010


27 May 2011

Lithuanian urban forum "Urban fiber: urban and rural junction"

04 November 2010

Advanced construction

26-27 October 2006


15-16 November 2007

Anthropogenic areas of wilderness: environment protection and aspects of the conversion

18-19 May 2006

Formed or being formed Landscape

19-20 April 2007

Horizontal and Vertical Horizontalios ir vertikalios urbanistinės plėtros problemos

17-18 April 2008

Bachelor, masters and PhD students conferences

Civil Engineering and Architecture

03 October 2010


25 November 2011


23 November 2012

27 November 2014

27 November 2015

Civil Engineering and Building Energy Systems

12 May 2006


21 November 2008


27 November 2009

Modern Architecture and Civil Engineering trends

18-22 September 2006




Defended Dissertations

Research area
Research tutor
Name of Dissertation
Mikšienė Gintarė
30 06 2015
Bliūdžius R.
Prediction of service life for external thermal insulation composite system
Abromas Jonas
10 02 2015
Kamičaitytė-Virbašienė J.
Assessment of the visual impact of wind turbines on the landscape 
Rudžianskaitė-Kvaraciejienė Rūta
23 12 2014
Apanavičienė R.
Efectiveness Evalution of Public-Private Partnership Automobile Road Infrastructure Construction Projects 
Zadlauskas Saulius
16 01 2014
Augonis M.
The Cracking and Deformation of Reinforced Concrete Bridges under Static and Dynamic Loads
Valančius Rokas
18 12 2013
Ždankus N. T.
Research on indoor climate and energy efficiency of adminstrative buildings
Poderytė Jurga 02T 16 12 2013 Bliūdžius R. Investigation of efficient energy use and assurance of microclimate in air heated residential buildings
Vaičiūnas Juozas 02T 17 09 2013 Doroševas V. Investigation and estimation of reinforced concrete slab under shock impact load
Misius Romualdas 03H 14 12 2012 Bučas J. Artificial planting traditions in individual homesteads of Lithuanian farmers: activity hritage from the history and theory of arts point of view
Kučinskienė Jurga 04T 18 06 2012 Bučas J. The socio-ecological paradigm of the landscape resourse re-use
Liaudanskienė Rita 02T 11 03 2012 Juodis A. /Ustinovičius L. Development of a Complex Model of Construction Process Safety Decision Making
Janavičius Eugenijus 02T 22 12 2011 Skripkiūnas G. Frost resistance of concrete exposed to deicing salts
Matijošaitienė Irina 04T 05 09 2011 Zaleckis K. The principles of formation of the hedonomic road landscape
Adamukaitis Nerijus 02T 26 05 2011 Kargaudas V. Elastic-Plastic Deformations of Steel Column Caused by Extreme Action
Medelienė Violeta 02T 04 03 2011 Daukšys M. (Žiogas V.) Complex Analysis of Industrial Concrete Floor Coating Life Cycle and their Effective Decision
Lukoševičienė Ona 02T 17 12 2010 Kudzys A. Probability-Based Reliability and Technical Service Life Prediction of a Deteriorating Structure
Miškinis Kęstutis 02T 03 12 2010 Stankevičius V. Investigation of resilient materials and their influence on impact sound insulation of floor constructions
Pupeikis Darius 02T 26 12 2010 Stankevičius V. Impact of thermal inertia of building to the dynamic of indoor temperature
Mlinkauskienė Aušra (ekstern.) 04T 26 11 2010 Bučas J.  The changes of the state of immovable cultural heritage in Lithuanian regional parks and the methodology of their valuation
Karvelytė Balbierienė Vilma (ekstern.) 04T 26 11 2010 Bučas J.  Land management use of Lithuanian villages with churches
Daugėlienė Ala (ekstern.) 02T 26 03 2010 Apanavičienė R. Construction companies effectiveness evaluation: overhead costs aspect
Grinys Audrius 02T 28 12 2009 Skripkiūnas G. Technological properties, strength and elasticity-plasticity behaviour of concrete with rubber additive
Augonis Algirdas 02T 16 10 2009 Žiliukas A. Research on fracture of concrete subjected to combined stress
Gražulevičiūtė-Vileniškė Indrė 04T 19 03 2009 Bučas J. Non-market valuation of immovable cultural heritage: theoretical context and possibilities
Stelmokaitis Gediminas 02T 23 05 2008 Ždankus N.T. The Influence of Hydrogeological Conditions to Clay Slope Stability



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Dr. Ala Daugėlienė
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