Design Centre

Mission – realization of creativity-based international activities and projects; development of close cooperation between science/art and business; being an active participant of processes of Lithuanian design and Creative Cultural Industries (KKI); performance of activities based on synergy of creative potential, technologies and entrepreneurship; training of professional specialists of design and interdisciplinary competences, capable to create unique products of high added value.

Vision – catalyser in the areas of design, and creative and cultural industries in Kaunas city.

Values: creativity, harmony of design and technologies, sustainability.

Head – Rūta Valušytė


The main objective of KTU Design Centre – to develop and promote design as a universal discipline, to reveal its versatility, integrate in study programmes of KTU specialities and interdisciplinary practical project activities. Modern design is invoked in various areas of life, it can expeditiously offer most efficient solutions by including and assessing various economic, social, technological and psychological aspects.

KTU Design Centre provides favourable conditions for creation and development of new products, preparation of versatile specialists, who are marketable in the labour market. KTU Design Centre contributes to KTU in the areas of creation and maintenance of open environment, which promotes creativity, active development of ecosystem and entrepreneurship. Today challenges of global and dynamic market are met and overcome most successfully by interdisciplinary cooperation. This approach is cultivated in strong KTU science platform, distinguished by its deep traditions, which recently provides particularly favourable conditions for successful and effective interdisciplinary cooperation.

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