Faculty organizes additional studies for people, who plan to enter Master degree studies and graduated from college studies of the same scientific field, or university studies of different scientific field. People can choose full-time and part-time studies.

Internship and work offer

The programme provides opportunities for students to study or gain work experience in a different European country while completing a degree. There are many benefits, including the chance to learn another European language, and to experience life within a different culture. Students studying any subject, both undergraduate and postgraduate, can apply to participate in the Erasmus+ Programme for studies and traineeship abroad.

Internship in Lithuania


Job offers:


Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Design awards Bachelor’sMaster’s, and Doctor’s degrees.

Undergraduate – studies in four years lead to a Bachelor of Science degree (B.Sc.).
Graduate –  Master’s degree (M.Sc.) in two or one and a half further years. 
Postgraduate –the Doctor of Science degree (D.Sc.), which equates with a Ph.D. or with a somewhat higher degree elsewhere, takes a further four years to acquire and is only awarded to those whose research provides a significant and original contribution in the selected field.