Health Telematics Science Institute

The Institute originated from KTU Telematics Science Laboratory founded in 1993 by professor Arminas Ragauskas. The research carried out at the Institute concentrates on the areas of solving physical and biological processes’ measurement and monitoring scientific and technological problems.

K. Barsausko Str. 59, A553-A561
Kaunas LT-51423, Lithuania


Research Areas

Institute creates and develops radically innovative non-invasive technologies for industrial measurements, physiological  measurements and biophysical processes monitoring.

Research areas and innovative technologies’ development trends:

  1. Non-invasive diagnostics and monitoring systems of human brain
  2. Brain function impairment prevention systems during open heart surgery
  3. Brain function impairment prevention systems during gynaecological surgery
  4. Secondary brain function impairment prognostic systems
  5. Non-invasive systems for glaucoma diagnostic
  6. Clinical systems for hypotensive events’ prognosis
  7. Innovative methods for industrial measurement of fluid flow


The Institute researchers collaborating with the professionals from other fields of science and technologies in Lithuania, Western Europe, USA and China have created first in the world non-invasive absolute intracranial pressure measurement technology, cerebrovascular autoregulation monitoring technology, technologies for monitoring and diagnostics of volumetric intracraniospinal waves and brain compliance, unique flow speed and debit measurement devices and many other innovative technologies which are being protected by more than 30 patents in the US, Europe and Lithuania. Researchers of Institute hold intellectual property rights of more than 150 inventions.

Clinical assessment and validation of human non-invasive physiological parameters’ measurement and monitoring technologies have been successfully carried out in Lithuanian, American, Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian and Swiss medical institutions. Projects of the Institute have been funded by European Commission, US Department of Defence, US Department of the Army, EU Structural Funds, NASA, the US National Space Biomedical Research Institute, German Aerospace Centre and other institutions and organisations.

Industrial measuring devices patented in the EU are being serially manufactured in Kaunas (Lithuania) and exported all over the EU and other countries . More than 70 thousand items have been produced and sold up to this day.


Among the international project partners of the Institute are global corporations such as General Electric, Philips, leading universities such as Cambridge, Oxford, Uppsala, etc. and also clinical centres from the US, Lithuania, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Switzerland, Italy, Germany, UK, Spain, etc. The Institute’s PhD students and young researchers are trained as the visitors at Harvard University (USA), and in medical centres in Finland, Sweden, Norway and Switzerland.


Director – Professor Arminas Ragauskas, DSc, FBC, FLSHD
phone: +370 (686) 20 084