Institute of Environmental Engineering (APINI)

It is a scientific department of KTU, which performs research in the fields of sustainable development and environmental protection, implements national and international projects, and leads M.Sc. and Ph.D. study programmes. The backbone of APINI activities and research lies in practical engineering as well management and political solutions related to environmental quality issues.

APINI vision – a unique international leader in the field of sustainability based on interdisciplinary research and advanced studies.

APINI mission – to disseminate sustainable development principles in Lithuania and all over the world through application of innovative sustainable solutions by means of interdisciplinary research, topical studies and continuous spread of knowledge and values.

Gedimino St. 50LT-44239 Kaunas
phone: +370 (37) 300 323
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Staff | History and acknowledgement


Dr. Žaneta Stasiškienė 
Director of APINI, professor

Dr. habil Jurgis Kazimieras Staniškis

Dr. Jolita Kruopienė
Professor, senior researcher

Dr. Irina Kliopova
Associate professor

Dr. Jolanta Dvarionienė
Professor, senior researcher

Dr. Visvaldas Varžinskas
Associate professor

Dr. Inga Gurauskienė
Lector, researcher

Dr. Daina Kliaugaitė

Aušra Randė
Project junior researcher

Dovilė Kandzežauskė
Senior administrator

Deimantė Meilutė - Ganuskauskienė



History and acknowledgement

  • 1991. APINI was established. The initiators – Departments of Process Control and Engineering Ecology at KTU and the Institute of Environmental Sciences and Engineering at Technical University of Demark (DTU).
  • 1994. The Pollution Prevention Centre was established. In cooperation agreement with the World Environment Center (WEC) (USA).
  • 1995. The Scientific-technical journal of Environmental Research, Engineering and Management was launched.
  • 1999. The first professional international trainings for environmental auditors were organised in Lithuania. In the framework of the British Environmental Auditors Registration Association (EARA) (UK).
  • 2002. The international multidisciplinary M.Sc. study programme Environmental Management and Cleaner Production was launched.
  • 2003. APINI became the Centre of Excellence of the EU for the sustainable industry development issues.
  • 2004. Lithuanian Science Prize for the cycle of the works "Development and Implementation of Preventive Environmental Strategies in Lithuanian Industry (1991-2003)" (for prof. J. K. Staniškis).
  • 2005. The President of the Republic of Lithuania Dr. Valdas Adamkus' Award "For significant research results for the present and future of Lithuania and active ecological work" (for prof. J. K. Staniškis).
  • 2007. The Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Lithuania and Lithuanian Confederation of Industrialists' Prize and Diploma "For achievements in environmental protection 2007".
  • 2008. Energy Globe Award for the system of the development and implementation of preventive energy saving innovations.
  • 2010. The Baltic Sea Award of the Baltic Development Forum for outstanding contribution to the sustainable development of the Baltic Sea Region (for prof. J. K. Staniškis).
  • 2011. EUREKA Innovation Award  for the implemented project E! 2522 OPTISOILCLEAN (project partners – APINI, Biocentras JSC., Process Control Department at KTU, and the Latvian State Institute of Wood Chemistry).
  • 2012. Energy Globe Award  for the M.Sc. study programme Environmental Management and Cleaner production.
  • 2012. V. A. Graičiūnas Award for the implementation of environmental management systems and standards, for the development of international environmental research, and for the preparation of high qualification environmental specialists (for prof. J. K. Staniškis).
  • 2013. QUESTE-SI Award for the M.Sc. study programme Environmental Management and Cleaner production.

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Research Fields

  • Sustainable development
  • Environmental performance improvement through cleaner production and pollution prevention
  • Environmental management systems and standards
  • Eco-design and life cycle assessment (LCA)
  • Corporate social responsibility (CSR)
  • Energy efficiency and renewable energy sources
  • Chemicals management and environmental impact assessment
  • Integrated waste management


Implemented projects


  • M.Sc. study program – Sustainable Management and Production
    An international multidisciplinary program was developed and is conducted in cooperation with the Consortium of the Technical Universities in the Baltic Sea Region BALTECH. The studies are based on the application of the preventive environmental protection strategy to solve short and long term environmental and sustainable (industrial) development problems. During the studies, real industrial enterprises and organizations environmental problems are solved using technological, planning, and management tools.
  • Ph.D. study program – Environmental Engineering research branch (04T)
    The mission of Ph.D. study program is to shape the principles and methods of sustainable engineering that would promote positive social and economic development and reduce environmental impact. The program is conducted in cooperation with the Environmental protection technologies department of the Faculty of chemical technology at KTU, Aleksdandras Stulginskis University, and Lithuanian Energy Institute. A double degree – of KTU and the University of Bologna (Italy)  – might be acquired.


Conferences, seminars, lectures

  • A lecture “Cost-Effect-Analysis and Application in Excel Tool” by professor dr. Christoph Hugi from University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland (2015-04-28)
  • Seminar “Developing Sustainable Regions through Responsible SMEs” (2014-03-05) (conference materials)
  • International conference “Developing Sustainable Regions through Responsible SMEs” (2013-06-26)
  • Conference "Energy lab – Kaunas community towards sustainable energy: Renewable energy sources and energy efficiency" (2012-10-26)
  • International conference "Municipal Waste Management in the Baltic Sea Region: lessons learnt and next steps" (2012-10-10) (conference materials)
  • Conference "How Lithuania meets RIO+20" (2012-05-17)
  • International conference "Sustainable Consumption and Production: How to make it Possible" (2011-09-29-30) (conference materials)
  • International conference "Sustainable Innovations in Packaging Sector" (2011-03-22)

Scientific journal

  • Environmental Research, Engineering and Management (EREM) is an international multidisciplinary journal designed to serve as a roadmap for understanding complex issues and debates of sustainable development. EREM publishes peer-reviewed scientific papers which cover research in the fields of environmental science, engineering (pollution prevention, resource efficiency), management, energy (renewables), agricultural and biological sciences, and social sciences.


Monographs / Books



Director of APINI – Professor Žaneta Stasiškienė, DSc

phone: +370 (37) 300 763