6 Things You Shouldn’t Forget to Take to Lithuania

2017-01-20 17:30

With the Welcome Week for International Students approaching (January 30–Februrary 5, more information to come), Erasmus Student Network at KTU reminds you the essentials of packing for going to study in Kaunas. Before leaving home you should check if you have:

1. Warm clothes
Before you come to Lithuania, you should be prepared for cold weather. If you are coming for spring semester, you might arrive right on the peak of winter. Jacket and warm socks are the first thing you should bring along with you.

2. Umbrella
The weather in Lithuania is unpredictable and rain is quite common. Better to have a small umbrella in your bag.

3. Spices
As Kaunas is not a capital city and Lithuanian food is generally not that spicy, it may be hard for you to find your special spices here. Also, every semester ESN KTU organises International Dinner for you. We believe you wouldn't like to miss a chance to show how amazing your food is.

4. Equipment
Special equipment which is popular in your country may not be as popular here, for example, you will not find Korean chopsticks in the local shops. It is advisable to find some place for them in your luggage.

5. Medicine
There is a possibility that you may not find specific medicine in pharmacies, or getting a prescribtion could be not that easy at first, therefore it is better to bring your personal medicine with you.

6. Exercise shoes
At Kaunas University of Technology we have a free gym for you to work out and keep yourself healthy. Ofcourse, to be able to exercise here, you should have suitable shoes.

And the most important thing: bring your SMILE.

See you in Kaunas

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