Admission to Studying Abroad Is Now Open

2017-09-05 15:30

Finding new friends and visiting new places, living abroad independently from one’s parents, learning about other countries not from stories, but through first-hand experiences, creating a valuable addition to your CV, whatever career you choose in future… All these things are within your reach if you choose to participate in study exchange or internship programme.

The list above is by no means exhaustive. Actually, it can never be finished, as everyone, participating in a study exchange programme, can add their own personal value to the experience.

“After my first internship, I understood that knowledge and practical experience gained during studies are too superficial and far beyond professional application. Therefore, I was eagerly looking for other opportunities”, says Edgaras Šmigelskis, who has just recently finished his internship in Max Planck Institute, which was his 5th internship overall.

Edgaras, a former Erasmus+ exchange student in Barcelona, intern of several international companies, has also spent a year in Japan, through an international work placement programme Vulcanus in Japan.

“As a student, you have a great advantage on your side. Use this status to gain as much as possible: study abroad as an Erasmus+ student, go to the US every summer with Work&Travel program, take a break from your studies and do an international internship. Finally, to get a full package, do an Erasmus+ internship before jumping into the job market – a world full of sharks”, Edgaras urges to use the possibilities to the full.

The success stories from those, who travelled abroad for studies, are various and numerous. Without doubt, this can be one of THE THINGS you will remember all your lifetime. Do not hesitate, apply for study exchange now.

The admission for studying abroad – both through Erasmus+ programme and via agreements with universities all over the world – is open now. For more information, please click here or write to

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