Engineer, Recent KTU Graduate: Travelling Boosts Self-Confidence

2017-08-17 11:30

“KTU has much more engineering study programmes in English than any other university in the Baltics. Besides, the internet in Lithuania is among the fastest in the world”, says Muhammad Rohan, electronics engineer about his choice to study at Kaunas University of Technology (KTU).

Rohan, a fresh graduate of KTU Faculty of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, during the university years has used various academic exchange possibilities and is convinced that studying abroad is teaching important life lessons.

Rohan, while participating in Erasmus+ student exchange programme studies in Poland, and in the last year of his bachelor’s studies spent one semester at Beijing Institute of Technology on the basis of the bipartite agreement between KTU and BIT.

At the moment, the young engineer is working in Belgium through the Erasmus+ internship programme.

“I am curious to find out how is life in other countries, to compare it with my home. Also, travelling for studies provides an opportunity to live abroad on your own, to become more independent, this boosts self-confidence. While travelling you can get to know yourself better, and to more appreciate your home country”, says Rohan.

More Programmes in English than in Latvia or Estonia

Recent KTU graduate says that he chose the University following the advice of his relative: “An uncle, who is living in Europe has advised me to look into the universities of the Baltic countries. Just then I saw that KTU is offering more engineering study programmes in English that any other university in Latvia or Estonia”.

Also, he points out that the internet in Lithuania is one of the fastest in the world, and assures that coming to study to Lithuania was one of the best his decisions.

“One can learn a lot while living far away from home. When meeting people who think differently and belong to different cultures, I grow both as a personality and as a professional”, says Rohan Muhammad.

However, after spending time in several European universities, KTU graduate cannot say that one is better than another – all have their advantages and disadvantages.

Getting to Know Many Cultures in Beijing

Autumn semester of his last year in bachelor’s studies, Rohan spent in Beijing Institute of Technology.

“I am from Pakistan, therefore this experience provided me with one more opportunity to compare Asian and European cultures. I could see how much I have changed during the three years in Europe”, says Rohan.

In China he was amazed by the variety of people he met – students from Brazil, Australia, the US and other countries come to study to Beijing. Rohan assumed this as an opportunity to explore other cultures.

He praises the study quality in Beijing Institute of Technology – teachers were very supporting and the laboratories were open for all kinds of research.

“This study exchange was very special, I gained exceptional experience. In Beijing I could be able to explore Asian mentality and culture, which is very different from European. The world is becoming smaller and increasingly multinational, therefore this knowledge is great asset”, says KTU graduate Muhammad Rohan, currently working in Belgium.

KTU Department for Internationalisation invites to apply for academic exchange. The selection of participants for study exchange programmes starts in September. Click here for more information.

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