Erasmus+ Internship: Book Your Future Today

2017-10-31 13:00

Italy, Germany, Malta, Romania, Luxembourg… This is not a random list of countries, but Kaunas University of Technology (KTU) students’ and graduates’ internship places. The list is by no means final, and many of the young people continue their career in the same companies.

“I have been an intern at Max Planck Institute for Plasma Physics funded by Erasmus+ programme since February till July of the last year. After finishing my internship, I was employed as a research engineer and have been working in the same institute since then”, says Edgaras Šmigelskis, who carries an important luggage of experience – travels into faraway countries, study exchange with Erasmus+ and even internship in Japan in the framework of Vulcanus in Japan programme.

Edgaras encourages students to use all the opportunities for study exchange and internships – the University offers more than enough possibilities for everyone.

Practicing finance management in Luxembourg

“It is not easy to find a good job in Lithuania after graduation, without relevant experience in economic, management or administrative field”, says Kristina Bucevičiūtė, who has graduated from masters in management at the School of Economy and Business at KTU.

She has decided to learn practical knowledge in finance abroad – in investment funds management company in Luxembourg Finexis S.A. Kristina has taken the Erasmus+ internship opportunity twice – during the studies and after graduation, on the invitation from the company.

“I have gained a lot of experience in investment operations management, in implementation of information technologies, net asset value calculation using Multifunds fund accountant software, in financial risk assessment, using interactive statistical data and report platform Statpro and in other procedures”, KTU graduate goes through a long list of achievements and competencies.

Internship in Lithuanian Embassy – great start for a diplomatic career

“Participation in any exchange programme helps to develop personality, to look at yourself as if from aside. This alone should be a great encouragement for travelling”, says Ugnė Terentjevaitė, who has graduated from European studies at KTU this June.

Ugnė did her internship in Lithuanian Embassy in Romania.

„Of course, I was scared. I had to go alone into a country where I didn’t know anyone and to live there for three months! It was a great challenge for me, who is used to travel, to participate in projects together with many friends and acquaintances. However, soon I got to know people in the new place and realised that Bucharest is an incredible city. Also, everyone speaks English here so I didn’t have any problems to communicate”, says Ugnė.

The young graduate says that participation in Erasmus+ internship has provided an invaluable experience – she has gained many competencies needed for working in diplomatic missions, improved her English skills, o change of environment has strengthened not only her professional competencies, but also her personality.

Experience of KTU students and graduates is inspiring – register for Erasmus+ internship today. The selection for Erasmus+ is taking place 4 times a year. The closest deadline is 1 December 2017. For more information please contact Rūta Jankauskienė:

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