KTU: Student Life Is More Than Studies

2017-07-24 16:00

If you are considering coming to Kaunas University of Technology (KTU) this is about the time to start to think not only about your studies, but also about the other activities you can engage while you’re here.

“Extracurricular activities” is one of the last parts in your résumé, therefore it might seem unimportant and irrelevant. Make no mistake: most of the employers get major information about the applicant’s hobbies and personality from this section of the CV. In some cases, the last part of your résumé can determine whether you will be accepted for a new job or the doors to your future career will remain closed, especially, if you do not have enough relevant work experience.

In today’s labour market not only for specific knowledge, but also social skills of the prospective employees are being taken into account. People who are reaching for more, are willing to try new things, and are seeking for personal development are the most sought-after candidates.

Various research points out several essential skills crucial for success. Among these skills are: perseverance, ability to pursue long-term goals, emotional intelligence, goal-setting, planning and organizing, collaboration toward a common goal, taking responsibility for actions, critical thinking, problem-solving, effective communication. Mainly these, so-called soft skills are being acquired through non-academic, or after-class activities.

In KTU, we have designed various sefl-improvement programmes for you: choose your own path to becoming the Best You.

Mentorship is an important modern way of education. A mentor is not only educating and couching young people, he or she also assists in transferring acquired knowledge and facilitates the integration of a mentee in the new academic, social, and cultural environment. Research shows that a person, who has a mentor, is able to adapt more quickly and to achieve higher goals.

The only in Lithuania, systemic mentorship programme at KTU lets its students choose from 6 types of mentors:

  • ESN mentor – a KTU student who is willing to help you, especially, in the beginning of your study period.
  • Peer mentor – an upper classmate who helps the 1st year students to blend into the University’s life.
  • Academic advisor – a faculty’s member who focuses on your individual academic needs, provides advice.
  • Career mentor – a professional who provides consultations on career planning and personal development.
  • Research mentor – a scientist or a researcher who provides consultations on scientific activity.
  • Tutor – a lecturer or a volunteer student who helps to expand your knowledge in a chosen study subject.

KTU Career Centre, which is the main curator of the Wanted programme, assists students and graduates in planning their long-term career, facilitates successful integration into job market, provides professional career consultations, organises workshops and seminars, delivers career assessment services, and informs about job positions and placements.

KTU Career Centre also organises KTU Career Days – the largest student and business representatives contact fair in the Baltics.

It has been organised for 13 years and helped thousands of students to find a job or a placement. This year KTU Career Days will take place on 17 October 2017 at Žalgiris arena.

By joining various Student Organisations KTU students have plenty of opportunities to shape their personality, to gain additional competences and to find new friends. In the beginning of the semester, during Welcome Week, you can attend Student Organisations Fair where all organisations introduce themselves, and choose the ones you would like to join. Student Union, AIESEC, Astronomy club, Hikers club, Fortress, Dormitory council, BEST, Debate club, Society of Doctoral students, ESN, Folklore ensemble, Investors club, Marketing lab, Art studio, Student magazine, Computer graphics studio, Medieval dance club, Students scientific society, Video studio, Women Leadership Network and more are waiting for you.

Researchers claim that artistic activity not only enhances your creativity, but is also beneficial for critical thinking and problem solving skills. At the same time, such activities help to manage emotions and to strengthen self-confidence. All KTU students can improve these skills and spend meaningful, yet, enjoyable time in one of 7 Art Societies: academic choir, folk art ensemble, dance studio, brass band, theatre studio, photo studio or music group.

KTU Sports Centre promotes the values of physical activity and sport, by providing a wide range of physical activity choices. The sports classes are taking place in numerous sport halls and gyms across the campus, with the assistance of qualified trainers and coaches. Everyone can choose from more than 100 weekly classes, or join 1 of 20 teams. All the classes for KTU students are free of charge.

At the Sports Centre one can engage in playing basketball, football, rugby, handball, cricket, yoga, aerobics, tennis, table tennis, badminton, rock climbing, Nordic walking, body design, self-defence and other activities.

The most active students, who demonstrate exceptional academic, scientific or artistic results, who are active in extra-curricular activities in the areas of business, innovations and social activities that promote the University's name can be awarded talent scholarships. After the first semester, all bachelor’s and master’s students, also those studying in integrated and non-degree studies can participate in the talent scholarship competition, which amounts to 250 Euros per month for a semester.

We are looking forward to welcome you here, at KTU. Always remember: studies and technical skills are important, but the skills for success, which can determine your future may as well be acquired after classes. Choose any of the activities described above (or, indeed, all of them) – and be ready to join the school of life.

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