Multilingual Lithuania: Learn Languages from Native Speakers

2017-02-28 16:30

Erasmus Student Network at Kaunas University of Technology (ESN KTU) is inviting KTU students to join the project Multilingual Lithuania and to learn languages from native speakers. New courses start this Wednesday, 1 March, so far 9 languages are being offered. Last year more than 300 native and international students attended the lectures taught by their fellow students across Lithuania. 

Language is one of the main tools to get acquainted with the culture. Through different expressions and sounds we learn about the ways other people live, and have lived before. History, experience, values and beliefs are engrained into language and only the ones who understand it can appreciate the culture more fully. That is why it is important to learn languages, and use whatever opportunity we have to improve our understanding of the world around us.

ESN aims just at that, and has realised the importance of learning different languages long ago. The proof of that is the project named Multilingual Lithuania, implemented on the national level. ESN KTU is a part of this project, and welcomes students of our university to participate.

Initially, the idea of the project is that international students who come to Lithuania would teach their native language to other students. That way each student has an opportunity to represent their country and to introduce their culture to others through language. Moreover, the project also gives an opportunity for other students to learn the languages they normally might not choose.

All the classes are free, taking place once a week and are usually much more fun and relaxed than traditional courses, because they are given by students themselves. However, the teaching is of the best quality as the tutors are motivated and willing to teach the language they know best. Multilingual Lithuania language lessons can be a great way for inspiration and to just find out whether you would like to learn one or another language at all.

This semester, KTU students can choose from Spanish, French, German, Turkish, Chinese, Bulgarian and many other languages. The first classes start on 1 March and will continue through all the semester.

ESN KTU invites you to register here:

Text by Viktorija Lankauskaitė

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