Sugihara Week Is Dedicated to the Legacy of Heroic Japanese Diplomat

2017-09-01 13:45

September 2–9 in Kaunas, Sugihara Week for commemoration of Chiune Sugihara will take place. The week dedicated to the legacy of legendary Japanese diplomat will invite to attend film screenings, concerts and exhibitions, to city tours and workshops, Kaunas Tourist Information Office informs.

Artūras Bulota Photo/Kaunastic

More than 70 years have passed since Chiune Sugihara finished a short yet extremely important episode of his diplomatic career in Kaunas, where he served as a vice consul for Japanese Empire. In 1940, together with Dutch consul Jan Zwartendijk, the Japanese diplomat saved thousands of lives by issuing visas for Jewish people that were then able to escape Lithuania and the Holocaust.

Joint art projects, film screenings, concerts, exhibition openings, historic revelations and discussions about humanity and tolerance will take place in various locations around Kaunas, including the Sugihara House, Vytautas Magnus University, the Kaunas Railway Station and other public spaces.

Do not miss the free city tours on Sunday and Monday which will allow you to trace the footsteps of the exceptional personality, who once resided in Kaunas.

Click here for the full programme of Sugihara Week.

Please, find a free copy of the #kaunastic Sugihara Map compiled and published by Kaunas IN. 

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