Narrativity of Urban Heritage

Monday, December 11, 2017 - 14:00
KTU Disertacijų gynimo salė (K. Donelaičio g. 73, 403 a.)

Author, Institution: Kastytis Rudokas, Kaunas University of Technology

Science Area, Field of Science: Humanities, History and Theory of Arts - 03H

Summary of the Doctoral Thesis: Summary

Scientific Supervisor: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Vaidas PETRULIS (Kaunas University of Technology Humanities, History and Theory of Arts, 03H).

Dissertation Defence Board of History and Theory of Arts Science Field:
Prof. Dr. Kęstutis ZALECKIS (Kaunas University of technology, Humanities, History and Theory of Arts, 03H) – chairman;
Prof. Dr. Rasa ČEPAITIENĖ (The Lithuanian Institute of History, Humanities, History, 05H);
Dr. Edward DENISON (University Collage London, Humanities, History and Theory of Arts, 03H);
Prof. Dr. Saulius KETURAKIS (Kaunas University of Technology, Humanities, Philosophy, 01H);
Dr. Skaidra TRILUPAITYTĖ (The Lithuanian Culture Research Institute, Humanities, History and Theory of Art, 03H).

The doctoral dissertation is available on the internet and at the library of Kaunas University of Technology (K. Donelaičio g. 20,Kaunas)


The main concept of the research is based on the semi-metaphysical idea of two existing realities in terms of the humanity’s perception of the structure of the World. The first of these realms would be the mythical reality, and the other is our discursive World. The narrative is a dynamic quality which is moving between the two above listed qualities.
Thus the research object is defined as a narrative-based perception and reception of urban architectural heritage. It is worth noting that more or less comprehensive explorations relating heritage to the narrativist approach are really scarce
The aim of the thesis is to examine the processuality of the urban architectural heritage throughout the theoretic approach of the narrative and to suggest an alternative perception of the cultural heritage to the prevailing discourse