Department of Economics

History of Department of Economics started on 15 December 1950 , when University of Kaunas was reorganized to Kaunas Polytechnic Institute (KPI) and Kaunas Medical Institute. Then this Department was titled Department of Political Economy. Since 13 October 1990, when KPI regained its university status, names of faculties were changed as well as named of department: in 1990 it was Department of Economic Theory, in 1997 – Department of Economics, in 1990 – Department of International Economics and Trade, which was divided in two in 2004: Departments of Economics and Department of International Trade and Enterprise Economy. Since 1 January 2014 two departments of economic field were merged in School of Economics and Business; they formed a unified and strong structure for preparation of specialists of economics, creating one of the biggest departments in terms of quantitative and qualitative composition – Department of Economics.Objective of Department of Economics – performance of world-class research, preparation of highly qualified specialists, graduating from Bachelor, Master degree and Doctoral studies of economics, who are marketable at national and international level and able to apply acquired knowledge in science and business.

Activities of Department of Economics:

  •   Pedagogic activities – team, consisting of department's scientists and educators practitioners, has prepared accredited study programmes for Bachelor degree (Economics) and Master degree (Economics, International Economics and Trade, and Business Economics), which provide knowledge about latest economic trends in constantly changing national and global markets, teacher strategic thinking for perception of business opportunities, based on up-to-date modern economic concepts and methodologies, innovative application of acquired specialized abilities in business.
  •   Growing publication of original educational literature (textbooks prepared by the lecturers of study programmes, are the main study textbooks of economics at other universities), provision of university's and faculty's libraries with textbooks of the world's best-known academic publishers, computerization of studies creates possibilities for successful combination of theoretical and practical sessions of university studies of the above-mentioned study programmes and systematic individual work of students.
  •   Students, curated by Department, are encouraged to actively participate in European educational exchange programmes (ERASMUS, ERASMUS+ programmes).
  •   Scientific activities – lecturers, who actively participate in scientific research activities, increasing number of scientific publications in Lithuanian and foreign scientific publications, and defended theses ensure unity of science and study process.
  •   Department's lecturers cooperate with other national and foreign educational institutions, actively participate in the activities of organization committees of various international conferences, editorial boards of periodical scientific publications, other organizations. Lecturers improve their qualification and use their knowledge and skills for participation in various local and international projects.
  •   Business/educational activities – department's lecturers actively participate in dissemination of fundamental knowledge of economic science for promotion of entrepreneurship, particularly focusing on close cooperation with Lithuanian companies and business representatives.


Žilvinas Karalevičius 
UAB "LSG Sky Chefs Airo Catering Services Lietuva" 
Sales Development Manager for Eastern Europe
"When I assess the work of my employees, who are graduates of Economics programme, I see that they have up-to-date economic knowledge, are able to use it at various management levels of the company's activities. They have an excellent understanding of the company's financial documents, are able to analyse and assess them, forecast and offer priority fields for improvement of activities. Most graduates of KTU Economics programme that I have met, communicated and worked with, without a doubt, are good and competent specialists".
Žilvinas Žilinskis
A. Žilinskio ir Ko UAB, Director 
"Studies at KTU School of Economics and Business provided me with comprehensive knowledge, required for leading of the biggest national company of infrastructure solutions in the difficult path of market economy and increasing international competition. During my studies, I also acquired skills of strategic and analytical thinking, which is necessary for a modern manager".

Bachelor degree studies: Economics 
Master degree studies: Economics, International Economics and Trade, Business Economics


Topics of research:

  •   International economics, trade and financial markets
  •   economics and industry in the context of globalization
  •   Analysis and forecasting of business environment and competition
  •   Urban and regional development
  •   Smart economics
  •   Research of human and intellectual capital

Coordinator of Department's scientific research: assoc. prof. dr. Rita Vilkė,



Head of Study Programmes

Head of Economics Study Programmes

Vaida Pilinkienė
e. mail
Office Hours:
Tuesday 15:00-17:00 val.
Gedimino st. 50-334.

STUDY PROGRAMMES: Economics (B), Economics (M), International Economics and Trade (M), Business Economics (M)



Prof. dr. Gražina Startienė
Gedimino st. 50-502
+370 37 300 575,

Areas of scientific interests: microeconomics and macroeconomics, international trade, funding of international trade, international payments and exchange rate risk.
Taught modules: Bachelor degree studies - Management Economics, International Payments, Funding of International Trade, Microeconomics; Doctoral studies - Issues of microeconomic analysis

Prof. dr. Dalia Bernatonytė
Gedimino st. 50-501  
+370 37 300 562 

Areas of scientific interests: international economics, international trade, economics and management of international business, small and medium-sized business.
Taught modules: Bachelor degree studies - Models of International Economics, Basic Knowledge of International Trade; Master degree studies -Economics of International Trade, International Trade, International Economics and Business

Prof. dr. Jadvyga Čiburienė
Gedimino st. 50-501  
+370 37 300 562 
Areas of scientific interests: issues of economic stabilisation, instruments of fiscal and monetary policy, issues of economic balance, international economic relations.
Taught modules: Bachelor degree studies - Macroeconomics 1, Macroeconomics 2, Macroeconomics; Doctoral studies -Issues of Macroeconomic analysis

Prof. dr. Daiva Dumčiuvienė
Gedimino st. 50-505
+370 37 300 576
Areas of scientific interests:  Economics, competition, economic policy of the European Union.
Taught modules: Bachelor degree studies - Economics of the European Union, Economic Policy of the European Union; Master degree studies - Competitive and cohesive economics in the European Union.

Prof. dr. Vaidas Gaidelys
Gedimino st. 50-501  
+370 37 324 073
Areas of scientific interests: activities of offshore companies, application of competitive intelligence technique in business, problems of collection of taxes to the national budget, application of business environment assessment techniques in business.
Taught modules: Bachelor degree studies - International business and taxes, Economics of the European Union, National Economic Policy, Microeconomics.

Prof. dr. Valentinas Navickas
Gedimino st. 50-501  
+370 37 300 562
Areas of scientific interests: management control in international companies, infrastructure economics, tourism economics, characteristics of the European markets, social responsibility of the companies, clustering, philanthropy, competitiveness.
Taught modules: Bachelor degree studies - Management Control in International Companies, Microeconomics, Macroeconomics (in French and Russian languages), International Tourism Economics and Management (in Russian language); Master degree studies - Characteristics of the European Markets, Special Problems of Foreign Connections, Characteristics of Global Markets, International Companies and Trade.

Prof. dr. Irena Pekarskienė
Gedimino st. 50-507
+370 37 324 073
Areas of scientific interests:  securities market, international trade, analysis of market structures, process of globalization.
Taught modules: Bachelor degree studies - Microeconomics, Microeconomics 1, Microeconomics 2, Market Power and Market Limitations; Doctoral studies - Issues of Microeconomic Analysis.

Prof. dr. Vaida Pilinkienė
Gedimino st. 50-332
Areas of scientific interests: forecasting of business environment, methods of forecasting and their application, competitiveness and its assessment.
Taught modules: Bachelor degree studies - International Economic Relations, International Economics; Master degree studies - International Economics and Business.

Prof. habil. dr. Žaneta Simanavičienė
Gedimino st. 50-225
+370 37 300 589
Areas of scientific interests: business regulation, social responsibility of the companies, business regulation, public economics, tourism.
Taught modules: Bachelor degree studies - Social Responsibility of the Companies, Business Regulation Institutions, Tourism Market, Institutions of Public Sector, Microeconomics and Macroeconomics, Energy Policy, Basic Knowledge of Economics; Master degree studies - Social Responsibility, Governmental Regulation of Business Markets, State Business Regulation; Doctoral studies - Social Responsibility.

Prof. dr. Vytautas Snieška
Gedimino st. 50-105
Areas of scientific interests:  international economics, cyclical nature of economics, analysis and forecasting of business environment.
Taught modules: Bachelor degree studies: International Economics and Monetary Relations; Master degree studies: Forecasting of Business Environment in Global Economics, Analysis and Forecasting of Competition, International Business, International Business Management, International Economics and Business, International Production and Business; Doctoral studies: Issues of Microeconomic Analysis, Issues of Macroeconomic Analysis, Company in the Market Economics, International Financial Relations.

Associate Professors

Assoc. prof. dr. Edverdas Vaclovas Bartkus
Gedimino st. 50-507
+370 37 323 729
Areas of scientific interests: innovation management, management of small and medium-sized business, economic issues of sustainable business.
Taught modules: Bachelor degree studies: Basic Knowledge of Management; Master degree studies - Engineering Economics.

Assoc. prof.  dr. Jurgita Bruneckienė
Areas of scientific interests: regional economics and strategic planning, assessment of regional and urban competitiveness.


Assoc. prof. dr. Mindaugas Dapkus
Gedimino st. 50-501
+370 37 300 562
Areas of scientific interests:  macroeconomics, growth economics, monopoly regulation, inflation-deflation.
Taught modules: Bachelor degree studies - Microeconomics and Macroeconomics, Public Economics.


Assoc. prof.  dr. Vilda Gižienė
Gedimino st. 50-507
+370 37 323 729
Areas of scientific interests: human capital, investment in higher education, human resources, labour market, economic development, competitiveness.
Taught modules: Bachelor degree studies - Microeconomics and Macroeconomics, Economic Engineering, Basic Knowledge of Economics; Master degree studies - Organization of Markets.


Assoc. prof. dr. Alina Stundžienė
Laisvės av. 55,
+370 37 324 073
Areas of scientific interests: simulation of economics, forecasting of economic indicators, econometric models, financial analysis and assessment of companies.
Taught modules: Bachelor degree studies - Econometrics, Economic Statistics.


Assoc. prof. dr. Raimondas Kuodis
Gedimino st. 50
Areas of scientific interests: monetary policy, fiscal policy, public economics, applied simulation of general equilibrium, energy economics


Assoc. prof.  dr. Daiva Laskienė
Gedimino st. 50-507
+370 37 323 729
Areas of scientific interests:  analysis of factors of economic growth.
Taught modules: Bachelor degree studies - Management Economics, Macroeconomics 1 and Macroeconomics 2.


Assoc. prof. dr. Jūratė Pridotkienė
Gedimino st. 50-507
+370 37 323 729
Areas of scientific interests:  export, competitiveness of processing industry, innovations in low tech industry, newly established economic centres and their development, conditions of international competition.
Taught modules: Bachelor degree studies - International Business Management (in Lithuanian and English languages), Organization and Planning of Export; Master degree studies - Management of Export Operations.


Assoc. prof.  dr. Asta Sabonienė
Gedimino st. 50-507
+370 37 323 729
Areas of scientific interests:  microeconomics, macroeconomics, restructuration and competitiveness on industry, export specialization.
Taught modules: Bachelor degree studies - Microeconomics and Macroeconomics; Master degree studies - Economic Theories and Forecasting; Doctoral studies - History of Economic Thought.


Assoc. prof.  dr. Gabrielė Snieškienė
Gedimino st. 50-501
Areas of scientific interests: export pricing, environmental impact on creation of pricing strategy, international logistics, economic assessment and management of international system of logistics services, solutions for warehouse management, international transportation.
Taught modules: Bachelor degree studies - International Logistics, Management Economics; Master degree studies - International Transportation Management.

Assoc. prof.  dr. Jovita Vasauskaitė
Gedimino st. 50-501
+370 37 300 562
Areas of scientific interests: methods of multi-criteria analysis and their application in companies, international competitiveness of industrial companies, solutions for technology introduction in industrial companies.  
Taught modules: Bachelor degree studies - Microeconomics (in Lithuanian and English languages).


Assoc. prof. dr. Deimantė Venclauskienė
Areas of scientific interests: real estate economics, countries of transitional economics and international trade.
Taught modules: Bachelor degree studies - Macroeconomics; Master degree studies - Real Estate Economics.

Assoc. prof.  dr. Rita Vilkė
Gedimino st. 50-507
Areas of scientific interests: social responsibility of organizations, social entrepreneurship, social innovations, sustainable development of organizations, development of small and medium-sized business.
Taught modules: Bachelor degree studies - Social Responsibility of Companies (in Lithuanian and English languages); Master degree studies -Social Responsibility (in Lithuanian and English languages).


Assoc. prof.  dr. Asta Žilinskė
Areas of scientific interests: barriers of international trade, international trade, international finances.  
Taught modules: Bachelor degree studies - Microeconomics, International Economic Relations.



Lect. dr. Tomas Stravinskas
Gedimino st. 50-501
+370 37 300 562
Areas of scientific interests:  economic simulation, international business, processes of globalization.
Taught modules: Bachelor degree studies - Microeconomics, International Business Management.


Lect. dr. Gitana Valodkienė 
Gedimino st. 50-501 
+370 37 300 562
Areas of scientific interests: innovations in industry, international competitiveness of industry, impact of credit market shocks on economic development, forecasting of business environment.
Taught modules: Bachelor degree studies - Macroeconomics, Microeconomics and Macroeconomics; Master degree studies - Forecasting of Business Environment in Global Economics, Economic Theories and Forecasting.


Lect. Ilona Ališauskaitė-Šeškienė

Areas of scientific interests: electricity generation technologies using renewable energy resources, assessment of external costs of electricity generation resources.
Taught modules: Bachelor degree studies - Microeconomics.


Lect. Vytautas Barkauskas
Gedimino st. 50-507
+370 37 323 729
Areas of scientific interests: human resources, assessment of competitiveness, assessment of investment and investing possibilities, tourism.


Lect. Rūta Bliekienė
Gedimino st. 50-507
+370 37 323 729
Areas of scientific interests: research of economic phenomenon, called "price bubble", econometric research, formalization, normalization and optimization of real economic processes.
Taught modules: Bachelor degree studies - Econometrics.

Doctoral students


Dokt. Kristina Barkauskienė
Areas of scientific interests: tourism economics, ecotourism, competitiveness of services.


Dokt. Ugnė Daubaraitė


Dokt. Eglė Keizerienė
Fields of scientific research:
 real estate market, analysis of real estate price "bubbles".


Dokt. Rima Kontautienė 
Areas of scientific interests:
 microeconomics, macroeconomics, social responsibility of companies.


Dokt. Sigita Neverauskaitė
Areas of scientific interests:
 entrepreneurship, innovations, dynamic abilities, economic growth – their interrelationship.


Dokt. Rozita Susnienė
Areas of scientific interests:
  impact of globalization on economics, industrial economics.


Dokt. Algimantas Venckus
Areas of scientific interests:
 assessment of impact of economic commercial activities, performed in  the Republic of Lithuania by legal persons registered at offshore financial centres, on income of national budget and economic indicators, economic assessment of investment projects.

Head of Department


Prof. dr. Gražina Startienė
Gedimino st. 50-502
+370 37 300 575



Raimonda Pauraitė
Gedimino st. 50-505 37 300 576