Department of Marketing

Department of Marketing was established in September 1992, when Faculty of Engineering Economics was reorganized into Faculty of Economics and Management. Faculty of Economics and Management started preparing study programmes, oriented not only to the level of basic knowledge of engineering, technologies and economics, but also providing theoretical basis for marketing solutions and ensuring their practical adaptation. From 1992 till 2006 Department was managed by prof. dr. Regina Virvilaitė.Scientific and pedagogical activities of Department of Marketing is oriented towards collection and transfer of knowledge in the area of marketing, which is adequate to the conditions of dynamic market and modern society, development of students' cognitive abilities and practical competences, performance of scientific research and dissemination of its results both on national and international levels. This Department coordinates teaching of marketing subjects in other University's study programmes and performance of marketing specialities in study programmes "Economics" and "Management" of first cycle studies and Master degree studies. Department's lecturers perform scientific research in marketing area, supervise doctoral students, actively participate in national and international scientific and educational projects, provide consultation services to business. Since 2011 Department introduced two new study programmes – "Marketing" for first cycle studies and "Marketing Management" for Master degree studies.



Regimantas Urbanas - TRAFI CMO. "Advertisement in the internet or smart devices is advertisement channel, which is most accurately measured, most effective and having the biggest potential for growth. Therefore, if you do not plan working at the advertisement agency yourself, you must know how to advertise products or services of the company you will work for, to know, what you should ask from your agency and hot to evaluate its work critically".


 Marius Rimkaitis - "No Horror Creative Digital", Marketing Consultant "Marketing is a status. Constantly changing and unique in its ability to evolve faster than you can long into your Facebook profile. No matter how fast you change between all other profiles, it is important to leave an internal one in the mode of learning. When you learn to do that, you can adapt, but when you create a basis for marketing theory, you will contribute to its further development."


Bachelor degree studies: Marketing
Master degree studies: Marketing Management


Topics of research:

  • Perception, creation and transfer of value for the consumer
  • ICT impact on business and public sector

Coordinator of Department's scientific research: Junior Researcher Elena Vitkauskaitė,



Head of Study Programmes

Head of Marketing Study Programmes

Žaneta Piligrimienė
Office Hours:
Monday 14:30-16:30
Gedimino st. 50-421

STUDY PROGRAMMES: Marketing (B), Marketing Management (M)



Prof. dr. Jūratė Banytė
Gedimino st. 50-423
+370 37 300 585
Subject area: Analysis and simulation of consumer behaviour; management of consumer experience; consumer engagement in value creation; sustainable consumption behaviour; impact of corporate social responsibility on consumer decisions; practices of service marketing.
Taught modules: Bachelor degree studies - Marketing, Service Marketing; Master degree studies - Consumer Behaviour, Intercultural Consumer Behaviour.

Prof. dr. Rimantas Gatautis
Gedimino st. 50-527 
+370 37 300 569
Subject area: Social networking, clustering, socio-economic impact of ICT, impact of ICT on business models, solutions and practice of marketing in virtual environment, impact of ICT on public sector.
Taught modules: Bachelor degree studies - E-business, Social Media in Marketing, Marketing in Virtual Environment; Master degree studies - Digital Marketing.

Prof. dr. Rita Kuvykaitė
Gedimino st. 50-425
Subject area: Brand management, international marketing decisions, consumer engagement in  value creation.
Taught modules: Bachelor degree studies - Brand Management; Master degree studies - International Management, Strategic Brand Management.

Prof. dr.  Regina Virvilaitė
Gedimino st. 50-425
+370 37 300 587
Subject area: Marketing management, strategic and tactical decisions of international marketing, consumer value creation, consumer behaviour, brand management.
Taught modules: Master degree studies - Marketing Management, Strategic Marketing Management, Project of Marketing Strategy; Doctoral studies - New Marketing Theories and Concepts.


Assoc. prof. dr. Aistė Dovalienė
Gedimino st. 50-421

Subject area: Long-term customer relationship development; customer loyalty and factors influencing it; customer value creation; shared value and its creation; consumer engagement in value co-creation; sustainable consumption.
Taught modules: Bachelor degree studies - Sales and Negotiation, Quantitative and Qualitative Research Methods in Economics; Master degree studies - Marketing of relations, Simulation of Marketing Solutions.

Assoc. prof. dr. Rimantė Hopenienė
Gedimino st. 50-421

Subject area: Service marketing and management, tourism and place marketing, business systems, social responsibility.
Taught modules: Bachelor degree studies - Marketing, Tourism Marketing, Service Marketing.

Assoc. prof. dr. Žaneta Piligrimienė
Gedimino st. 50-421

Subject area: Applied marketing research, scientific research methodology, consumer engagement in value creation, consumer ethnocentrism and cosmopolitanism, sustainable consumer behaviour.
Taught modules: Bachelor degree studies - Marketing Research; Master degree studies - Methodology for Marketing Research, Design of Marketing Research, Data Analysis Methods; Doctoral studies – Preparation of Research Project for Doctoral Thesis.

Assoc. prof. dr. Aušra Rūtelionė
Gedimino st. 50-331  
+370 37 202 640

Subject area: Entrepreneurial, creative and low budget marketing solutions for SME, entrepreneurship and marketing links, social marketing strategic planning.
Taught modules: Bachelor degree studies - Marketing Research; Master degree studies - Entrepreneurial Marketing.

Assoc. prof. dr Jurgita Stravinskienė
Gedimino st. 50-323
+370 37 300 580

Subject area: Management of organization's reputation from perspective of interested groups, assessment of efficiency of organization's public relations, use of social communication in the process of value creation for the consumer.
Taught modules: Bachelor degree studies - Public Relations; Master degree studies - Management of Organization's Reputation.


Assoc. prof. dr. Laimona Šliburytė
Gedimino st. 50-427

Subject area: Strategic and tactical planning of marketing communication, analysis of the significance of advertising ethics and perception for different audiences, quantitative and qualitative evaluation of advertisement's long-term impact, analysis of effectiveness of emotional appeal.   
Taught modules: Bachelor degree studies - Basic Knowledge of Advertisement, Integrated Marketing Communication, Creative Advertisement; Master degree studies - Brand and Communication Management.


Lect. Gediminas Dapkus
Gedimino st. 50-425
+370 686 41 448,
Subject area: Business-to-business (B2B) marketing, marketing in public sector, research in education sector, research of business markets.
Taught modules: Bachelor degree studies - Basic Knowledge of Marketing.

Lect. dr. Agnė Gadeikienė
Gedimino st. 50-421
Subject area: Impact of corporate social responsibility on consumer decisions; characteristics and perspectives of sustainable consumption behaviour;  peculiarities and paradoxes of cross-cultural consumer behaviour; practices of qualitative and quantitative marketing research.
Taught modules: Bachelor degree studies - Marketing, Basic Knowledge of Marketing, Marketing Research, E-business; Master degree studies – Intercultural Consumer Behaviour.

Lect. Rasa Gudonavičienė
Gedimino st. 50-427
Subject area: Product distribution, management of marketing channels, retail marketing, marketing research in trade companies, visual merchandising, solutions for development of consumer loyalty.
Taught modules: Bachelor degree studies - Marketing Research, Marketing Channels and Logistics, Trade Marketing.

Lect. Indrė Petrikė
Gedimino st. 50-427
+370 37 300 564
Subject area: Brand management, marketing solutions for business-to-business market, solution of marketing mix, marketing research.
Taught modules: Bachelor degree studies - Marketing in Business-to-business Market, Marketing, Marketing Research, E-business.

Lect. Jūratė Maščinskienė
Gedimino st. 50-427
Subject area: Brand management, brand management solutions.
Taught modules: Bachelor degree studies - Marketing; Master degree studies - Brand Management.

Lect. dr. Beata Šeinauskienė
Gedimino st. 50-427
Subject area: Strategic and tactical solutions of international marketing. Creating, delivering and communicating value to the customer. Impact of psychic/institutional/cultural distance on international marketing strategy and performance. Relationship of materialism, subjective well-being and consumer inclination towards impulsive/compulsive buying.                                                         
Taught modules: Master degree studies - Marketing Management, International Marketing, Economic Evaluation of Technological Development.

Junior Researcher Elena Vitkauskaitė
Gedimino st. 50-527
Subject area: Impact of information technologies on organization's activities; marketing solutions in social network websites; role of cultural differences in virtual environment.
Taught modules: Bachelor degree studies - E-business, Networking in Business, Marketing in Virtual environment, Social Media in Marketing; Master degree studies - E-commerce Management. Digital Marketing.

Doctoral students

Miglė Matulevičienė 
Subject area: management of organization's reputation from perspective of interested groups, use of marketing communication in the process of creation of value for the consumer.

Asta Tarutė
Subject area: consumer behaviour of compulsive buying, links between hedonistic value comprehended by the consumer and behaviour, creation of value in the context of development of information and communication technologies, consumer involvement in creation of the value.
Taught modules: Bachelor degree studies - Networking in Business.

Eglė Vaičiukynaitė
Subject area: consumer sociability and its enabling, emotional expression in consumer behaviour in the context of development of information and communication technologies
Taught modules: Bachelor degree studies - E-business.

Head of Department


Prof. dr. Jūratė Banytė
Gedimino st. 50-423  
+370 37 300 585


Rita Virgailienė
Gedimino st. 50-425  
+370 37 300 586