Department of Strategic Management

Department of Strategic Management – main centre of scientific excellence in the areas of national and companies' competitiveness, development of clusters and networks of companies, management of innovations and knowledge, and business insight.

Department's scientists implement their mission by actively assisting Ministries of Economy, and Education and Science of the Republic of Lithuania, Lithuanian Confederation of Industrialists, Municipalities of Kaunas and other cities, industrial and business companies and other organizations in solving strategic problems of their activities.They participate in international networks for peer-review, assessment and shaping of policy of science, technologies and innovation, initiated by the European Union (TRENDCHART on Innovation, ERAWATCH, ETEPS).

Scientists and lecturers actively participate in international conferences and activities of various professional organizations. Some of them: International Society for Professional Competition Research,  European Society for Entrepreneurship Research, European News Service, etc.

Department's scientists constantly perform applied scientific research for the projects initiated by the Lithuanian Government and the European Commission.



Marija De Potestad - Deprofes expert (Spain) "I was fascinated by the studies of this programme. Previously, I graduated from another Lithuanian university, therefore I can compare the studies objectively. This programme and studies, communication with lecturers, who are professionals in their area, inspired me, taught me to discover strategic challenges and understand them. We analysed many models of success of world leaders and most successful companies, which encouraged me to try and become a leader myself. Most importantly, I understood that it is quite possible."

Bachelor degree studies: Business Administration
Master degree studies: Strategic Leadership, Service Business, International Business, Knowledge and Innovation Management


Topics of research:

  • Smart development and competitiveness of socio-economic systems
  • Dynamic abilities and processes of organizations
  • Entrepreneurship, innovative business models, ecosystems and internationationalization of innovations
  • Strategic management of knowledge and technology-intensive services



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Head of Study Programmes

Head of Management Study Programmes

Lina Užienė
e. mail
Office Hours:
Monday 11-12:30
Gedimino st. 50-334

STUDY PROGRAMMES: Industrial Technology Management (B), Project Management (M), Technology Management (M), Company Management (M), Strategic Leadership (M), Knowledge and Innovation Management (M) (From 2016.09.01 "Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship")

Head of Business Study Programmes

Rita Jucevičienė
Office Hours:
Monday 12.30-14.00
Gedimino st. 50-334

STUDY PROGRAMMES: Business Management (B), International Business (M)



Prof. dr. Monika Petraitė
Gedimino st. 50-414  
+370 37 300 120
Areas of scientific interests: knowledge economics and its systems, modern organization management, innovation control, knowledge management, innovation management, systems of innovations. 
Taught modules: Bachelor degree studies - Technological Entrepreneurship; Master degree studies - Modern Organization Management, Knowledge Organization Management, Organizational Leadership, Innovation Management.

Prof. habil. dr. Petras Baršauskas
K. Donelaičio st. 73-414
+370 37 300 001
Areas of scientific interests: strategy and reforms of higher education; research of principles of international business management; theory and practice of direct foreign investments; simulation of management systems in international business; research of risk factors in international business environment.

Prof. dr. Jurgita Sekliuckienė
Gedimino st. 50-414  
+370 37 300 121
Areas of scientific interests: business internationalization; international business management; international entrepreneurship; open innovations; strategic management; growing markets.   
Taught modules: Bachelor degree studies - International Business, Business in Growing Markets, International Business; Master degree studies - Organization of International Business, Internationalization of Service Business, International Business Management.

Prof. habil. dr. Robertas Jucevičius
Gedimino st. 50-226
Areas of scientific interests: strategic management; competitiveness; innovations; business insights; smart management of organizations, cities and country.
Taught modules: Master degree studies - Strategic Management, Business Insights, Organizational Leadership.

Prof. dr Giedrius Jucevičius
Gedimino st. 50-414    
+370 37 300 129
Areas of scientific interests: comparative international management, interorganizational relations and learning, clustering, innovation systems, knowledge dissemination.
Taught modules: Master degree studies - Innovation of Business Models.

Prof. dr. Asta Pundzienė
Gedimino st. 50,  
+370 37 300 003
Areas of scientific interests: development of human resources, career development and change management.

Prof. dr.  Rimgailė Vaitkienė
Gedimino st. 50-411
+370 37300 122
Areas of scientific interests: organization management, consumer integration in innovations, strategic marketing management, research methodology for business and management.
Taught modules: Bachelor degree studies - Social Research Methods, Social Research Methods, Image and Reputation; Master degree studies - Social Research Methodology,
Management of Innovative Products, Market Strategies, Research Project.

Prof. dr. Neringa Langvinienė 
Gedimino st. 50-415
+370 37 300 126
Areas of scientific interests: service innovations, internationalization and competitiveness of services, research of service marketing, service consumer behaviour.
Taught modules: Bachelor degree studies - Service Economics, International Service Trade, Business in Growing Markets; Master degree studies - Service Industry, Internationalization of Service Business, Management of Service Operations.

Prof. dr. Liudmila Bagdonienė
Gedimino st. 50-415
+370 37 300 126
Areas of scientific interests: value co-creation, marketing of relations of market participants, service systems, service innovations, consumer experience management.
Taught modules: Bachelor degree studies - Services and Innovations, International Service Management; Master degree studies -Management of Consumer Relations, Strategic Service Management, Service Design, Local Marketing; Doctoral studies - Service Management Theory.


Prof. dr. Pavie Xavier
Areas of scientific interests: Management of responsible innovations.
Taught modulesMaster degree studies - Development of Technological Business.


Prof. dr. Maximilian von Zedtwitz

Areas of scientific interests: Research and Development Management on global scale (in English) RTD), innovation management in global networks.
Taught modules: Innovatics and Innovative Technologies, Innovation Management.

Associate professors

Assoc. prof. dr. Egidijus Rybakovas
Gedimino st. 50-411
 +370 37 300 122
Areas of scientific interests: strategic management, strategic analysis, competitiveness and its research, clustering processes and their research, approach of interested parties and its application, socioeconomic development, regional development, structure of institutional social system and research of its impact on development processes.
Taught modules: Bachelor degree studies – Business Strategy, Value Innovation; Master degree studies - Strategic Management, Strategic Analysis, International Competitiveness, Social research Methodology, International Chains of Value Creation.

Assoc. prof. dr. Lina Užienė
Gedimino st. 50-415
+370 37 300 126
Areas of scientific interests: assessment and management of organizations' intellectual capital, assessment and management of urban and regional intellectual capital, assessment of companies’ performance and business, management of intellectual property, open innovations, knowledge management.
Taught modules: Bachelor degree studies – Intellectual Property, Management of Intellectual Property, Analysis of Companies' Performance; Master degree studies - Assessment of Intellectual Capital, Management of Intellectual Capital, Management of Intellectual Property.


Lect. Inga Uus
Gedimino st. 50-412
Areas of scientific interests: strategic marketing management, business strategies, organizations networks and creative decision making, marketing for children.
Taught modules: Bachelor degree studies - Creative Decision Making, Creative Thinking, Virtual Networks; Master degree studies - Creative Decision Making, Strategic Management, Market Strategies.

Lect. Auksė Blažėnaitė
Gedimino st. 50-412
+370 37 300 122
Areas of scientific interests: Service university, communication of organization and individual, international communication, negotiation.
Taught modules: Bachelor degree studies - Negotiation, effective Presentation, Methods of Leader's Activities, Intercultural Communication, Knowledge Management; Master degree studies - Communication and Negotiation, Modern Organization Management, Organizational Leadership.

Lect. dr. Renata Urbonė
Gedimino st. 50-414
+370 37 300 122
Areas of scientific interests: intellectual capital management, intellectual property management, entrepreneurship (innovative, strategic, traditional), strategic organization management, management of innovative projects, semantic technologies.
Taught modules: Bachelor degree studies - Technological Entrepreneurship; Master degree studies - Intellectual Capital Management.


Lect. Daiva Koponen
Gedimino g. 50 

Areas of scientific interests: marketing, integrated marketing communications, business strategy, business systems at national level, competitiveness, innovations, clusters.


Lect. dr. Vestina Vainauskienė
Gedimino st. 50-412
+370 37 300 142
Areas of scientific interests: future prediction methods, brand vulnerability, brand risks.
Taught modules: Knowledge Management, Human Resource Management in Intellectual Organization, Knowledge Management.


Lect. dr. Rita Jucevičienė
Gedimino st. 50-414
+370 37 300 129
Areas of scientific interests: interorganizational relations, organizational networks, entrepreneurship.
Taught modules: Bachelor degree studies - Technological Entrepreneurship, Entrepreneurship, Innovation Management; Master degree studies - Innovation of Business Models, Development of technological Business.


Assist. Lolita Jurkšienė
Gedimino st. 50,

Areas of scientific interests:  innovations, dynamics of competitiveness, dynamic abilities.
Taught modules: Innovation Control, Innovation Management.

Junior Researchers

J. R. Kristina Grumadaitė

Areas of scientific interests: enabling of forming of industrial systems based on self-organization, self-regulation of industries, factors of self-organization in organizations, smart development of social systems.
Taught modules: International Management

J. R. Vytautė Dlugoborskytė 

Areas of scientific interests: creative innovative teams, SRED incentive and entrepreneurial organizations, globally established companies.

J. R. Rimantė Morkertaitė

Areas of scientific interests: Internationalization of small and medium-sized companies (SMEs), business networks, international entrepreneurship, open innovations.
Taught modules: Bachelor degree studies - International Business.

J.R. Jolita Čeičytė

Doctoral students

Doct. Aistė Vaišnorė

Doct. Remigijus Kinderis

Areas of scientific interests: business models, interorganizational relations, complementarity

Doct. Neringa Gerulaitienė
Areas of scientific interests: entrepreneurship, organization's change management, reasons for change.  
Taught modules: Bachelor degree studies - Change Management, Technological Entrepreneurship.

DoctAistė Sarulienė


Doct. Audronė Pauliukevičiūtė

Doct. Auksė Galbuogienė



Doct. Edgaras Vaškaitis


Doct. Raminta Jokubauskienė


Doct. Ilma Pranciulytė - Bagdžiūnienė

Areas of scientific interests: open innovations, science, technologies and experimental development incentive process and its management, cooperation in networks.


Doct. Inga Stravinskienė


Doct. Gintarė Vaklauskienė

Doct. Jolanta Stanislovaitienė

Doct.Jurgita Giniūnienė

Doct.Kristina Kleinauskė

Doct. Rimantė Morkertaitė

Doct. Imantė Markevičiūtė

Doct. Jolita Čeičytė

Head of department


Prof. dr. Monika Petraitė
Gedimino st. 50-414  
+370 37 300 120



Simona Valentinavičienė
Gedimino 50-413
+370 37 300 120