Come to Zumba trainings!

2015-09-28 08:30
ZUMBA Dovilė Mikulienė

On Mondays 19:00-20.00 h, Friday’s 17:00-18:00 h, Elektronics hall (Studentų str. 50-100).

These classes require lots of energy as they combine dance moves with body shaping exercises and fun Latin American music. Here you will be able to recognize dance style techniques varying from Salsa to Hip Hop. Zumba is perfect for those who enjoy dancing and wish to shape their bodies. During one effective dance session an individual can burn up to 1000 kcal. Zumba classes guarantee a great mood, a rush of energy as well as skills of graceful and coordinated movement.
Coach Dovilė Mikulienė  have strated to dance from 8 years old. Works from 2006 years.

Zumba month card for students - 22 EUR