Starts completely new project or KTU sports center "True-live" [updated 2017 05 22]

2017-05-22 08:15

KTU sports center is starting a new, unheard and never been tried experiment „True-live“.
During the experiment, we are striving to prove (or disprove) that students who engage in vigorous physical activity, academic results, well-being and health will be better than those who are physically inactive.

Project participants are students of Kaunas University of Technology (KTU), who are living in university dormitories. We selected 10 students and divided them in to the pairs. 5 of them during the project  will actively engage in physical activity, and the remaining 5 will not change their lifestyle. Couples achievements and knowledge levels are similar.

10 days KTU Sports Center coaches twice a day for 20-30 minutes will lead workouts to five experiment participants at their learning locations: dormitories, faculties. During the session coaches will tell you how properly and correctly perform exercises also they will give recommendations how to stay active and healthy in the future.
Every day of the project at KTU Sports Center Facebook page and web page will be loaded reports with feedback of participants.

Everyone who wants to can join these trainings with five project participants and play sports together! Below you will find a preliminary schedule of activities (if schedule will change, the information will be updated).

We are introducing the five participants who during the project will be involved in sports activities:
•    Gvidas
•    Sandra
•    Gytis
•    Shariq
•    Deividas
With participants of the the project you will become more familiar in our videos





Training schedule: