Authentication with a Smartwatch

2015-05-13 12:30

Author: Marvin Hake

Supervisor: Tomas Blažauskas

Project Description:

Imagine to login on a popular shopping website by only pressing on the smartwatch. The goal is to simplify the uncomfortable login process nowadays, where you have to fill in username and password on a desktop PC. Also this data can be stolen or hacked. But more and more people use smartwatches in day-to-day life. This smartwatch combines the safety and the comfortability. As a new authentication tool the smart watch makes it easy to identifier that the appropriate user want to enter the site. The smartwatch works literally as a key. The web service recognised a correct login request by sending a validation to the assigned smartwatch. The PC and the smartwatch are connected after a configuration, so that you can only login with this combination. Moreover the smartwatch is all the time on the arm, so that it allowed the user to login every time he wants to without remembering his password, which make the login more comfortable.


KUT Faculty of Informatics
Department of Software Engineering